TopLight: Range

The Top Light® line includes speedlaces and buckles of many shapes and sizes, fastening rivets of different lengths and features, and also a full range of recently developed articles specifically designed for the medical sector. Top Light® speedlaces are the only ones able to assure mechanical strength complying with existing regulations while maintaining the same shapes and sizes of the conventional speedlaces in zamak material. This resistance is obtained through the use of special high value raw materials (Patent Pending).

The feature of each buckle Top Light® is to be entirely free of metal in all its parts, both body and prong, rust-proof by nature, as well as hypoallergenic even if in touch with the skin. Thanks to a flat and pierced surface assembled to the centre bar, each Top Light® buckle can be applied through the innovative Top Light® rivet made of a single component, also completely Metal Free.

The Top Light® rivet renovates the conventional fastening techniques bringing together in just one item, made of a single component, cold and easy fastening as well as mechanical strength. Assembled in an opposite fashion to the traditional metal product, it is shaped under assembly in a controlled fashion without any thermal intervention, maintaining its own features of resistance and endurance.

For each Top Light® product, Hawai Italia has introduced different sizes and colours in order to satisfy the aesthetic and economic needs of the customer. Mat, shiny and semi shiny finishing can be coupled on a nearly countless range of colours. Moreover, for the customer who prefers to keep the conventional colours of iron, brass or zamak, Hawai Italia offers metal effect colours resembling conventional ones.

Materials, shapes and application system are patent pending. Full certification is available on demand.
Each Top Light® item can be customised with a logo or a brand name.