Test Product

Salty Solution Tests

The salty solution test is an accelerated corrosion technique for the qualitative evaluation of the corrosion resistance of a material or the protection against corrosion provided by a coating. In case of galvanized and varnished finishes, the salty solution test is useful in identifying defects, porosity or in comparing the quality of protection on different production lots.
The test used by Hawai Italia is the neutral salty solution also called NSS. The solution is made up of demineralized water containing 50g / l of sodium chloride. Although the regulations do not specify any usual procedure, the resistance to salty solution is valued on the hours during which the sample shows no signs of corrosion of the coating.
Hawai Italia offers many galvanized finishes also available with HPR (High Protection Resistance) coating. Those finishes meet the strictest rules resisting approximately 200 hours in salty solution without presenting any alteration. Available also varnished colours called ’Extreme’ which resist 385 hours in salty solution.
The Top Light® line is free from rust and corrosion problems as it is Metal Free
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Strenght to Traction

The data of 400N (40 kg approx.) is one of the recommended value by the leading certifying companies in terms of strength traction for general applications footwear.
Hawai Italia carries out systematic strength traction tests to each production lots through the use of a special machine (dynamometer certificate Arquati model). The test results of strength traction of Top Light® articles show more than 650N of strength of the single speedlace and about 430N strenght of the Top-Light ® speedlace-rivet system before breaking the leather (unchanged accessory, leakage of rivet from the leather).
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Impact and compression resistance for toe caps

Hawai Italia has developed a specific machine which can closely track the impact resistance test required by UNI En12568: 2010 in order to evaluate the compliance of each production lot of toe caps for safety footwear. 200-Reef® toe cap compression resistance is measured through a certificate dynamometer (Arquati model).
Hawai Italia receives each lot of raw material together with the documents certifying the suitability of the material for the production of composite 200-Reef ® toe cap. Hawai Italia technical department performs the checks and tests for each production lot of safety toe caps, issuing certificates of compliance, routinely attached to each toe cap shipment.

In caso of need, Hawai Italia also works with credited national and international institutes to carry out strong checks on its articles and to certify new materials and products for footwear sector.