Research and Development

Design and Prototyping

The company has developed and consolidated an excellent know-how, which is the result of continuous investments in training and specialization, in order to obtain a prototype starting from a technical or creative idea. Any new article comes from the company experience in developing accessories with the activity of engineering of prototypes.
Soon, Hawai Italia will include two new high-performance 3D prototyping machines.

Designing and Mould production

The department is fully dedicated to the development of new technologies and new products of the company. The work of a team with high technical skills gives birth every week to new moulds which are designed as first step in three dimensions and then realized through the use of modern CNC machining centers.
Beside the various machines of to the department, the company has recetly added a second work station for moulds production, whose activity can get construction peaks of 7 matrix dies completed in 24 hours.