Iron production

Articles bended and cutted by wire and bands in iron or brass material are obtained from blanking production.The department produces standard and custom products in large quantities.


The company uses to die articles in large quantities with accuracy and guarantee characteristics throught automated machines of various sizes and tonnage.
The department is fully automated: the article leaves the machine already free from shorts and feedhead parts that are retrieved and recast at the same time as the production cycle, thus obtaining strong optimization of production costs, better quality and simplified management.

Rubber casting

Hawai Italia uses this type of production to make articles in zamak by silicone rubber molds. It is possible to obtain in a short time articles of different sizes and shapes as well as customised items on demand.
The rubber casting department has recently been refurbished and three new production machines have been included.


The department renovated in 2010, is one of the flagships of the company. It has more than forty potentially productive machines operating 24 hours a day, supported by an automated drying and feeder system of the various raw materials. The plant occupies an area of 2.000 m² and guarantees high-quality standards and high production capacity through optimized and environmentally friendly production. In this division, the company produces fashion items, articles in special composite materials and all the Top Light® brand items.

Galvanic and Varnish departments

They are ancillary to the main production departments. Thanks to their work, the company manufactures the wide range of the finishes-colours available for each article. The galvanic plant has been modernized recently. Among the various improvements, to highlight the introduction of a new water purification plant in accordance with current environmental rules. The departments counts 3 different galvanic lines, electronically controlled, and numerous machines for varnishing. The used procedures ensure high quality standards in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of resistance to abrasion and oxidation.